Reasons to Download LinkUp
Find Small Businesses Fater
Find Small Businesses Faster - when you're frustrated

Save time finding skilled professionals or business contacts when you need them most.

Find Small Businesses Fater
More Information At A Glance - when you're unsure

View pictures, opening hours, business overview and ratings from other LinkUp users.

Find Small Businesses Fater
More Contact Options - when you need to talk

You can make contact via phone numbers, email or the associated social media accounts of the person or business within LinkUp.

Find Small Businesses Fater
Turn By Turn Directions - when you're lost

Save yourself the embarrassment of asking for directions when travelling to a new venue. You can also discover new businesses in the area with this feature.

Find Small Businesses Fater
Loyalty Points - for loyalty rewards

Visiting participating businesses often with the LinkUp App allows you to earn loyalty points that are redeemable for free gifts or free service.

Find Small Businesses Fater
Find Events To Attend - when you're bored

Put some excitement in your life! Find out all the details for upcoming sports, charity, public and party events with LinkUp!

Find Small Businesses Fater
Find Food Faster - when you're hungry

Save time finding great food and enjoy more of your lunch hour! See pictures, ingredients and price for meals before visiting a restaurant or food outlet.

Find Small Businesses Fater
Get Deals & Discounts - save something

You deserve a slice of the cake too! Get amazing deals and discounts when you keep LinkUp installed on your Android or IOS device.

Find Small Businesses Fater
Enhance Your Experience - make LinkUp yours

Save your favorite businesses, deals and events. You can also edit your app profile and see where other users are Linking Up!

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